Service Announcements

Route 3 Closure: Due to construction on 35th Avenue corridor, all stops from C Street @ N 25th Avenue through 35th Avenue @ 2nd Street will be closed. Temp stops have been placed on 4th Street @ 25th Avenue, 30th Avenue, & 34th Avenue. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Capacity: Due to anticipated increase in ridership and the capacity limits planced on our buses by local, state, and health guidelines, you may experience delays up to 60 minutes in your trips, if not longer. If the bus arrives and is at capacity, you will be asked to wait for the next bus due to the current bus being at capacity. We encourage our riders to plan on alternative transportation including bicycle, walking, or ride share. We apologize for any inconvenience. Stay tuned for updates.
Mask Mandate: Per Executive Order by President Biden on January 21, 2021, and Security Directive SD 1582/84-21-01, masks are required while on board our buses and at our bus stop locations. Failure to comply will result in federal penalties. We appreciate everyone's cooperation!
71st Ave Closure: SB 71st Ave is closed at 8th St from 8am 4/13 thru 4/15. The following bus stops are closed: 71st Ave @ 4th St, proceed to 4th St @ 71st Ave stop. EB 10th St @ 69th and 63rd Aves. Temp stop placed at 4th St @ 63rd Ave. We apologize for any inconveniences.